“My opinion about Miss Denchik couldn’t be better, she’s a very professional and dedicated lawyer. The result of her work was obviously positive in my case. I’m so glad I chose Miss Denchik as my lawyer and I would recommend her service to anyone that needs a professional legal help on a family matter… She’s a strong and determined woman that takes very seriously her job as a family lawyer!”

Maria Lopes

“Natalia Denchik is a passionate professional who solved both my complicated divorce and my real estate issues in a relatively short time. Natalia made herself available at any time on her cell phone, and she knew from the very beginning how to handle my case in a best possible way and following all the necessary steps. Thanks to her understanding of the law procedures, her persistence and her support, my case was closed with success. I would recommend Natalia to anyone who is looking for a competent lawyer in family and/or real estate dispute.”

? S. Ivancevic

“I’ve had multiple lawyers complicate my divorce with fruitless negotiations and disastrous outcomes in court. Natalia Denchik was recommended to me as someone who knew the system and did not waist the client’s money in dead end court battles. After consulting with her I was convinced that she had a clear plan of how to get me what I was owed in terms of spousal support and how to secure my custody. My expectations of her were exceeded after she closed my file in a settlement conference with what I was very happy with for me and my babies. Thank you very much Natalia and I will always remember your positive attitude and the wonderful help that you have been for us.”

? E. Bushara

“I am a client of Natalia Denchik. She’s been representing me from Dec. 2011. I found her to be very polite, knowledgeable of the law and the court system she is extremely patient and easy to deal with I haven’t had a bad experience with her and so for me she is a good legal counsel and a HUMAN BEING.”

? L. Martin

“I got a very good court order for custody and access to my children. In addition with Natalia’s help, I got child support retroactively from year 2009 including which is very good money for me as a single mother of two minor kids. On a top of that the judge ordered my ex to cost to me and cover all my legal expenses. Thank you, Natalia, very much for your help and dedication to my case.”

“Natalia Denchik is up to the challenge. She took only the necessary steps in getting me divorced. This included getting a court order to have my matrimonial home sold. Under very strained circumstances custody and pension issues were dealt with. She guided me and kept me abreast every step of the way. I went through three lawyers before I found Ms. Denchik who is competent and knowledgeable in matrimonial law. Compared to others, I think her rates are very reasonable. If you want to get divorced with your share of the assets call Ms. Denchik.”

“I am so glad and happy to have Natalia as my solicitor. She helped me out to go through my separation. Natalia helped me to get custody of my child and get child and spousal support. My lawyer helped me to arrange visitations for my teenage son with his father who totally withdrew himself from my son’s life. She is a very good family lawyer and I enjoyed the time to work with her for one and a half year. She successfully resolved my case and now my life and the life of my son are back to normal.”