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Legal fees

All legal fees are billed hourly, unless a block fee is agreed to.

In addition there are the following additional expenses pertaining to your


Filing documents in court plus HST

Court fees payable to the Ministry of Finance of Canada include the following:

  • to issue your application for divorce – $212.00
  • to file Affidavit for divorce – $420.00
  • to obtain Divorce Certificate – $24.00

The scope of legal work on uncontested divorce is:

  • First Meeting(s) with a client to discuss the particulars of your divorce application and its preparation.
  • Second Meeting with client to prepare and prepared an Affidavit for Divorce together with a draft Divorce Order

Scope of legal work on separation agreement:

  • Meeting with a client to discuss the issues of the matter (custody, access, child support, spousal support, division of property, equalization, financial disclosure)
  • Review the client initial intake form filled out by the client and discuss the particulars of the client’s case
  • Client’s Financial Statement. It is mandatory document attached to Separation agreement
  • Calculation of child and/or spousal support via DivorceMate.

Opinion Letter for Recognition of Foreign Divorces:

  • Meeting with a client to take instructions, analyze supporting documents, and sign a Retainer Agreement;
  • Preparation of the Opinion Letter in accordance with the recent case law and legislation;
  • Second meeting with the client in order to review and sign the Opinion Letter;

Scope of an Independent legal advice:

  • Meeting(s) with a client in order to learn facts of the case, get instructions re domestic Contact (Separation Agreement, Marriage Contract, Cohabitation agreement) and sign a Retainer Agreement;
  • Review financial documents (Notices of assessment, Income Tax Returns, list of assets & liabilities, if any, and etc.);
  • Preparation of Financial Statement. Financial Statement is to be submitted to the court for next court session if initial Financial Statement is more than one month old.
  • Obtaining of the financial disclosure from the client’s spouse, including but not limited by: statements of account(s) for last year from the date of separation; RRSP savings, pension, Income tax returns and Notices of assessments for the last three years. Please make sure that Income tax returns and Notices of assessments are two different documents and may not be replaced one by the other.
  • Correspondence from and to the client, opposing counsel and other agencies (social services, Children Aid Society, Children’s Lawyer Office by phonee, fax, email, mail
  • Disbursements: Calculation of child/spousal support, title search; photocopies, faxes, court fees, process server fees.

Cohabitation (Prenuptial) / Marriage / Separation Agreement:

Scope of legal work:

  • Meetings with a client in order to learn the facts of the case, get instructions, provide legal advice, and sign a Retainer Agreement;
  • Negotiation with the client’s spouse/common law spouse/future spouse (“spouse”);
  • Preparation of the client’s Financial Statement and review of the Financial Statement of the client’s spouse;
  • Obtaining of financial disclosure from the client’s spouse;
  • Drafting of the Agreement or analysis of the already prepared Agreement by the client’s spouse;
  • Drafting of explanation/reporting letter to the client;
  • Reviewing of the Agreement and signing it with witnesses;
  • Applicable disbursements: cost of print/fax/scan/mailing documents, courier’s fees, court fees, DivorceMate fees, process server fees.